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Technical Note 815-TN

Above Grade Pipe Support


Above grade applications frequently require non-continuous support for DriscoPlex® OD controlled polyethylene pipe. Such applications usually involve piping in a rack or trestle, on sleepers, or suspended from an overhead structure. In such cases, structures must provide proper pipeline support, accommodate thermal expansion and contraction movement, and provide support spacing that limits vertical deflection between supports.

Supports for DriscoPlex® OD controlled pipe must cradle at least the bottom 120° of the pipe, and be at least 1/2 pipe diameter wide. Edges should be rounded or rolled to prevent cutting into the pipe.

Commercial pipe supports such as u-bolts, narrow strap-type hangers, and roller type supports are unsuitable unless modified for width and cradling. The weight of the pipe and its contents must be distributed over a broad surface. Narrow support surfaces can produce high concentrated stress, and possibly lead to pipeline failure.

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Technical Note 815-TN